About Us

The executives have put in sincere service of more than 30 to 40 years for the growth and development of our beloved Bank functioned as members of one Indian Bank family. The passion to be part of our bank’s growth and know the relevant developments in our bank and the desire to be in touch with our colleagues, led to the formation of this Forum for the retired Executives of Indian Bank at the instance & initiative of our erstwhile CMDs Shri. M. Gopalakrishnan & Shri. T.S. Raghavan.

At a short notice by contacting the Retired Executives at Chennai, 20 executives assembled at the very first meeting at Suguna Vilas Sabha Club at Anna Salai, Chennai on 21st June 2005 at 6.30 p.m. which was hosted by Shri. M. Gopalakrishnan.

Subsequently, our group gathering was named as Forum of Indian Bank Retired Executives (FIBRE) as coined by Shri. A.V. Rajagopal, the retired General Manager of our Bank. The Forum consists of retired executive members from the Grade of AGM and above.

Our Mission statement is as follows:

To make it an effective Forum
So as to ensure that the Retired Executives
Get further opportunity to facilitate in the
Image building of our Bank and in infusing
An affable sprit of camaraderie and
Function as informal but an Effective well knit
Members of Indian Bank family.

As on date, the Forum has 480 Life Members & more than 40 retired Executives as non members. The membership is steadily increasing on account of regular retirement of executives. Members of the Forum used to meet once in a quarter. So far we had 54 such meetings at Indian Bank Management Academy for Growth & Excellence (IMAGE ) by the courtesies of the Management of Indian Bank.

We used to invite dignitaries of various fields for interaction in our meetings. It has been found useful by the members. We obtained PAN number (AAAA3441P) for our Forum for submission of Income Tax returns. We can raise funds that can be utilized for various service activities for the needy people in the society. We will be hosting our own web site for easy access of information on various developments though we have meetings only once in three months. Our members who have settled down outside Chennai city also can have free interactions in the days to come through this medium. We strongly believe in UNITY which will bring out all successes in all our endeavours. FIBRE donates amounts to meet social objectives and at times of calamities for relief work.

With about 8000 man years of experience in banking domain and social development, we strongly believe in contribution for the social development.